A Fresh Year

A Fresh Year

wow, 2010 has been a year. Gonna run down the major things here:

Started talking to a guy named Travis

Went to India

Long distance dated the same guy named Travis

Got engaged, to who do you know…. Travis

Planned a wedding

Crappy situation I’m not going into detail about

GOT MARRIED!!!! (and honeymooned in St. Thomas)

More crap, I’m not going to go into detail about, coupled with friends going through crap

Wedded Bliss

My niece Maya was born!!! You can read more about her story at www.mayawinnifred.com – she is our family’s miracle baby, and has turned our world upside down.


I didn’t know that it was possible to experience such extremes of joy and heartache in one year. Here is an excerpt from a note I posted to facebook in December (which by the way, feel free to friend me on fb if we aren’t already … I’m going to be writing about less personal things on here, so if you want to keep up with me personally, facebook is going to be the only option for now)

“I want to take a moment and acknowledge God’s timing in bringing Travis into my life… This year has been one of the greatest years of my life, and at the same time one of the most difficult – it’s crazy how all of the amazing moments get mixed in with the heart wrenching ones sometimes … I have said a few times, that I never needed a husband like I have lately, and Travis is a Rock Star. I love him so much, and he is so much of what I need…  This isn’t really how I imagined my first Christmas Season being married unfolding, I had big dreams of joy and tradition, and romance, and those certainly aren’t absent, they are just all jumbled in together with the hope and the heartache, and the crazy schedule. And even though it’s not how I pictured it, I am grateful… I am grateful that I have a husband for the warm fuzzy moments and for the heartbreaking ones, someone that laughs with me, but also hurts with me, and loves Maya as much as I do. It’s totally crazy to think that even a year ago, I didn’t know he existed, and now I can’t imagine living life without him. God really is good.”

And now, here is to 2011… I know it will hold it’s own heartaches, but I’m holding on to the little miracles, like Maya still being with us… and I’m looking forward to embracing some fresh starts that I hadn’t necessarily planned for myself, but I’m pretty sure are going to be great, or at least a learning experience if nothing else. :)