***I am married now, but feel strongly that the content from when I was single is still relevant to so many that I’ve left this section rather prominent on my site. To find out more about my journey and current life stage, please visit the about page.****


By far the most googled words (as of the writing of this post) to get to my blog are about being single and 30.  So I thought I’d make a page for everyone.

I know one of the hard parts about being single at this age, is feeling like you are the only one, so I’d love for this page to just be a place where we can connect with others in our same spot.

Please leave a comment, telling us who you are, and providing a link to your blog if you have one.

Here are some links to a couple popular posts I’ve written on the subject:

And here is a direct link to my Dating &  Singleness category, and here is the rss feed link for just that category.

You can also subscribe to the comments on just this page using this link.

*Disclaimer: I will do my best to screen these comments, and I will weed out anyone whose blog I feel is obviously inappropriate.  At the same time, please realize that just because I’m allowing these links does not mean that I agree with, or endorse their views as they express them here on this page, or on their own personal blog/web presence.

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    […] Being Single […]

  2. TRS
    TRS at · Reply

    I’d love to support in any way I can.

  3. Song
    Song at · Reply

    Some of my blogs are about life as a single 30 year old; others are not. Hope you enjoy it!

  4. Amy Beth @ Ministry So Fabulous!
    Amy Beth @ Ministry So Fabulous! at · Reply

    What a wonderful idea! :)

  5. Ronnica
    Ronnica at · Reply

    This is great, Krissie. Sometimes it seems like the blogosphere is filled with mommy bloggers.

    My blog:

  6. auntie
    auntie at · Reply

    it’s so nice to find more and more bloggers that are single women! i think everything we learn and can share with each other just makes the journey easier. thanks!

  7. Maureen
    Maureen at · Reply

    Wow! I read ur post on the DirtyGirls page, and I can totally relate! I too have been in around 10 weddings as a bridesmaid with pretty much all my single friends married. I also agree 100% about being content vs. being compliant. I have been living on the mission field since 2000 and people are constantly telling me that I need to move back to the States to find a husband etc. Grrrrrrr. Here is my blog link:

    Love that you have this!!!

  8. Doro
    Doro at · Reply

    Hi! I’m single and a couple of months away from 41. While it’s frustrating, I find that I like myself better now than I ever did in my twenties. I am, however, at a loss about how to meet quality men. I keep a sense of humor about it and share my experiences (or lack thereof!). Good luck and I’ll be sure to check back here.

  9. Anita
    Anita at · Reply

    Nice to find this blog.
    Never thought to write about my travails when I was 30.

    Mine is a combination blog…it’s about being single and venturing out on life’s adventures on your own. Most single people want to hide behind a group of friends or on their couch and not experience life single or otherwise. I do.

  10. Taryn
    Taryn at · Reply

    Great idea! My blog is most about self-discovery but I am single at 31 so some of that will definitely be in there too!

  11. Dana
    Dana at · Reply

    I’m writing a feature film about single, sex, dating. I want to tell real life stories.

    If you have any funny stories, or strong views on something, I’d love you to tell me about it. (your story might make the movie)

    Thanks! xx

  12. mayhaps
    mayhaps at · Reply

    I’ve built a dating/socialising site for bloggers where you don’t complete a profile describing yourself and answering personal questions etc, you just add blog posts ( or link to your blog ). I feel as a blogger that you tell people a lot through what you write regardless of the subject matter, hoping it’ll be useful/fun/tempting! to others here.

  13. Yoadelys Carreras
    Yoadelys Carreras at · Reply

    My blog is about self discovery, being single, dating and life.

  14. Yoadelys Carreras
    Yoadelys Carreras at · Reply

    Here’s the link

  15. Amber Brown
    Amber Brown at · Reply

    Hi Krissie,

    Thank you! I am currently 30, single and serving in ministry in a sea of 20-somethings, many of whom are married. Most days I am A-OK with my station in life and celebrate the ways God uses me and my singleness….today is not one of those days. It’s so nice to read of the journey of someone who has stood where I stand. You are a gift from God! Thank you again!

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