Book Review: How to Get a Date Worth Keeping

Book Review: How to Get a Date Worth Keeping

In one word – SURPRISING!

Sounds like a “desperate” title, and on the cover it says “be dating in 6 months or your money back”. The title and cover are deceiving. A clever ploy to get people to read a book that turns out is really about being an emotionally healthy person. I probably wouldn’t have picked it up (based on the cover/title) except for a friend was talking to me about it, and I realized it’s written by Dr. Henry Cloud who co-authored two other great books (Boundaries, and Safe People), that I would recommend. My friend also said the book changed her life. I know her well enough to know that she wasn’t just talking about dating, it was more than that. So, at that point I decided I had to read it. I ordered it on Amazon, and it came last week. I just finished it on Sunday night – and I would absolutely recommend it!

Here are some basic thoughts that the book communicates:

If you don’t think that you are dating enough, or that you’re dating the right people, the problem is probably you.

Dating is a tool that we can use to learn and grow ourselves, to figure out what our patterns are and change them.

The goal of dating is not marriage but to become a better, whole version of yourself.

You are only going to find someone worth keeping once you are being a happy, healthy, whole person.

It basically touches on some real common problems, that cause some real serious issues in relationships – some of which I have experienced, which I’m sure you have too at one point or another. I thought it was very insightful.
Read it – even if you are married it might be helpful insight into relationships in general, plus you’ll be able to give some sound encouragement and advice to your single friends.