Confession: Break-ups Stink!

Confession: Break-ups Stink!

I think most of you (at least those of you that I’m aware read my blog), know that Jared and I broke up. About 3 months ago now, and I think I maybe shortcircuited the break-up heartache with the new job, and move, and am finding myself having such a hard time lately – thus the post.

Confession part A: I screen what I will write on my blog, because I don’t know if he’s reading it or not. I’m kind of tired of doing that, so tonight, at least for this brief moment I’m not going to. I’m just going to be real.

Confession part B: Man breaking up really hurts! I can totally relate to my fellow blogger uc. Everytime I turn around there is something that makes me think of him – and it stinks, cause it just hurts.

In KC, there is apparently a jewelry store named JARED – now who names a jewelry store that, I don’t know, but they have all of these commercials on with lines like “she got something from Jared”. And they play that commercial entirely too much!

Last weekend when I watched my nephew, I go to get him dressed, I pick out a particularly cool looking rugby shirt to dress him in. He’s looking so cute and sweet, until I go to burp him, and realize there is a number on the back of the shirt – 36 (Jared’s favorite number, and hockey number). Of all the numbers to put on a shirt!

I’m at JJ and Erin’s house, and she uses this little wire tool to put a candle out by dunking the wick under the wax, and then pulling it back up. She tells me it eliminates the smoke when you blow it out, something Jared didn’t like, and all I can do is wonder if he’s aware of such a tool.

I could go on, and on, and on, but I won’t. Even when you know it was right, it’s still so very hard. Please just tell me it will end, and eventually I won’t have to suffer from the random things that make me think of him.