Dear Travis,

Dear Travis,

Hello Love!

This morning when I drove to work, I was listening to the CD you made me. When I got in the car “Lucky I’m in Love with My Best Friend” was playing, and I chose to listen to it again – such a perfect song for us, however not as perfect as “God Bless the Broken Road” – I can not listen to that song without crying, it’s just not possible, and not just crying but holding back sobs really. I don’t think it could more accurately describe how I feel, every last word. I am overwhelmed at what God is doing, and how he has worked and blessed me with you. Every place we have been in our lives has been leading to His greater plan, which I am thrilled to know now includes you and me together. I can not wait to see how God uses us, how he uses the places we’ve been in our lives as individuals, even our own poor choices, and the places we have been, are and will be together.

I am overwhelmed with how He loves us, how He wants to take everything in our lives and use it for His glory, and I am confident that even right now, waiting, and living miles apart, trying to figure out how all of this is going to work together, among several other things – that it is all going to be used for His glory, and not only for His glory, but for our greater good. “I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future.”

I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!! – You are THE best thing that has ever happened to me (obviously besides God). There is absolutely nothing that I am wanting or ever have wanted in someone that you are not. You are the most amazing man I know, you absolutely love God, love people, and love me. Your knowledge of God’s word challenges me, your prayers inspire me, and make me feel safe with you and with God. Your ability to sacrifice to serve others is beyond anything I’ve seen before, and your support of me in what God has called and asked me to do even when it means you get less time with me, means the world to me. I can’t wait until our ministries intersect more, and become ours together. I am better for having you in my life.

Thank you for loving me, thank you for being an earthly example of Christ to me, and for me. Thank you for how you shield and protect me. There is NO ONE that I want to be with besides you, NO ONE that I want to walk through life with other than you. NO ONE that I want to submit to, and trust to lead us to good places but you. You are MY MAN.

Let’s just keep putting one foot in front of the other, trusting God, and letting Him work in us and through us.

I love you.

Yours always,