Esther and her honesty

Esther and her honesty

I have mentioned before that Esther is a very honest individual.  She says whatever she’s thinking.  She’s 8.  This is an actual conversation I had with my niece several months ago (when I was still 29).

Esther: That’s a pretty ring you’re wearing.

Me: Thanks.

Esther: How come you’re wearing a ring when you’re not married?

Me: Well there’s a difference between a wedding ring and other rings.  Wedding rings are always worn on the left hand and they are usually a diamond ring. This one isn’t and I’m wearing it on my right hand.

Esther: Oh… … are you older or younger than daddy.

Me: I’m younger.

Esther: How old are you?

Me: I’m 29.

Esther: Are you older or younger than uncle JJ?

Me: I’m older.

Esther: How old is uncle JJ?

Me: He’s 26.

Esther: But uncle JJ is married.

Me: Yes, uncle JJ is married.

Esther: But he’s younger than you.

Me: Yes, he’s younger than me.

Esther: … Aren’t you kinda old to not be married?

Lucky for me, her dad chimed in at this point and explained that marriage isn’t something you do at a particular age.  You get married when you find the right person.  And that seemed to work for her.

Isn’t it interesting what kids pick up on in our society?

I love my neice, she is sweet, and I know she doesn’t care if I’m married or not.