FL trip recap

FL trip recap

I had a great time in Florida visiting M.  Here’s what the trip looked like.

M had something come up with one of his youth that he really needed to be at, however never fear, because he hooked me up with a great condo right on the beach to hang out in and relax.  I took these pics while I was there, and just had a good time relaxing and being on vacation.

Friday (aka my birthday):
M had told me that we were going to Orlando and that we were going to see a show, but he didn’t tell me what show until we pulled up to Downtown Disney and it was obvious that we would be going to see the resident Cirque Du Soleil Show, La Nouba.  It was great, if you’ve never seen one, you should go.  We spent the afternoon walking around and visiting all the shops, then eating at Wolfgang Puck before the show, and topping it off with ice cream from Ghirardelli.  It was great.  Here is a pic of us outside Cirque du Soleil. We didn’t get a pic of us on the beach, so this will have to do.


We went to brunch with his mom & step-dad, and dinner with his dad & sister – both at great local restaurants.  In between meeting his family we walked around downtown St. Augustine, and saw all the old shops, tourist places like the Fort and the giant cross.  We finished the night by watching the movie 7 pounds.

Went to his church, and hung out together at that great beach condo, then I stayed and worked while he went back to do youth stuff in the evening.  I got to meet a few of his youth leadership team when he was done, and then we went to grab a late dinner.

We had a nice picnic-y brunch, and then played mini-golf on real grass, and ate lunch at the Landing in Jacksonville before I had to go to the airport.

It was really a great trip!  I had a great time.