My First Post

My First Post

Well, I’ve done it. I’ve officially started my first blog. In honor of the blogging fad phenominon, i’d like to start my first post with the top 3 reasons to blog.

3) a way to keep up with long lost friends that you swore you’d never lose touch with
2) i can pretend that i have the undiscovered ability to entertain with my writing wit as does my dear friend littlepokabean
1) as Jared says, I just want to be cool like him, and it’s true, i do.

And to continue with the list theme, here are my favorite things about living in Kansas, followed by the benefits of living in SoCal. Jared and I have an ongoing debate about which is better – so feel free to cast your vote. Personally, I’d like to create Kansafornia, and have the best of both worlds, but then what would I look forward to in heaven.

Amazing Thunderstorms
Lightening bugs
Fall Colors
Snow Days
Definition of traffic – a few cars that slow things down to about 40 on the highway for about 10 min
Cheap Gas, Cheaper Housing
Micah, Esther, and Luke
Sonic on almost every corner
Westside Family Church
The Chiefs

Shorts in December
Daytrip to the Beach
Daytrip to the Mountains
Lots of Things to Do and Places to go like Disneyland
More Shopping Areas than you can count
Diverse People
Grand Burger and La Tolteca
Easy Weekend Trips to Fun Cities
The Angels
The Ducks
Overdrive, and the OD gang