Hope Island has WATER!!!!

Hope Island has WATER!!!!

I’m sure you all remember Hope Island. My most favorite place on earth! I got news today that hope island now has water, all that’s left is to pay for the project.

Over the last several months, a hydrologist has gone and visited the island, and determined the best way of getting water to this little community. Because they are on an island, the normal bore well that Wells for Life provides wouldn’t work. If they drilled that far down, they’d get salt water, which we all know, isn’t drinkable. So shallow was the way to go, however one shallow well would dry up in matter of about 6 months, so it was determined that they would place 8 shallow pump wells across the island to provide a sustainable water system for these people.

The total cost of the project is $5000. That’s only $625 per well. I am covering the costs of two of those wells, and I’m hoping to find enough other people who will get on board with this to cover the remaining 6 wells. Please consider contributing to this cause. If you can sponsor an entire well, that’s awesome! If $625 is too overwhelming for you, then think about sponsoring a well with your small group, or extended family. When you break it up like that, it’s very doable.

Here is the water they did have.


Now they have water like this.


Please be a part of this project. If you’d like to purchase photos at For India Photography, all proceeds will go towards a well. I’ll be updating the site soon with new images.

And lastly, let’s just thank God for making all of this happen. Just two months ago I was walking around the island, asking how they get their water. I was shocked at what I saw, and now they have accessible safe water! God is very good.