I think I’ve mentioned this before, but after the last couple weeks, my affection for Paper Source has grown.

1st, they have an India collection that just came out, and in case you hadn’t realized it, I also <3 India. I also discovered that they just started carrying some recipe cards, something I’ve been trying to find for a while. They also have terribly cute little mini file folders for the recipe cards too.

So, upon realizing these new developments, I had to high tail it to my nearest Paper Source store, and did so a couple of weeks ago.

I picked up several things, but was unable to get the recipe cards, and a couple of the stamps from the India collection because the store was sold out, however they offered to order the items for me, and have them shipped to my house, so that’s what I did.

Unfortunately, UPS has some issues, and the package, although it says it was delivered, never arrived. So I called UPS, and they told me to call Paper Source. To my surprise a real live person answered the phone at Paper Source, and the same said, real live person, helped me without transferring me to someone else. I didn’t realize companies still did this, but I was thrilled. ¬†She was nice, she was sympathetic, and she was helpful. Paper Source resent my order at no extra cost to me.

And when the order arrived, there was a nice little hand written note with it, apologizing for the loss of my original package (even though it wasn’t their fault). Now that is some excellent customer service.

I have some cute stationary projects that I’ve done recently, and documented with pictures with the intent of posting them on here, but I never seem to have the pics when I think about posting, but I’m gonna try to get that done soon. Maybe this weekend, we’ll see.