I'm making Starbucks Christmas Blend in my Senseo!

I’m making Starbucks Christmas Blend in my Senseo!

Seriously, I am, and I didn’t have to buy any extra accessories to do it.

For those of you not familiar with the Senseo machine, it’s one of those pod coffee makers, that allows you to make individual cups of coffee.  It uses pressure to brew it, and makes the coffee foamy, which is quite delightful.

I got my Senseo machine a couple of years ago for Christmas.  However, recently I’ve found that I’m really only using it to make hot water.  Being that it’s a pod machine, you are limited in the coffee selection, and being that I’m a decaf coffee drinker.  That means I’m really limited.  There is, to my knowledge, only 1 kind of decaf pod, and it’s not horrible, but it’s not that great either.

I’ve looked at getting one of those accessories that allows you to use your own coffee, but wondered how well they actually work.  When debating the issue again, I found a review on Amazon, that shared this little tidbit of information:

You can use a regular filter!

Brilliant!  So now I’m going to share how it’s done.

  1. You need to grind your coffee extra fine, like you would for espresso.
  2. I use the basket shaped filter, and I get it wet first.
  3. Put in 2 scoops of coffee.
  4. Twist together the top of the filter, and cut off the extra. You can cut it fairly close, as the pressure once the lid is closed will hold it together.
  5. Place in the 2 pod holder, and make sure that there isn’t room on the sides – otherwise the water goes around and not through.
  6. Now press the button.  I use the 8 oz. button (the one with 2 little cups/1 big cup), and I think it’s quite the perfect cup of coffee.

I’m so excited to be able to make whatever kind of coffee I want in my Senseo! Yippie!