India Day 1: I'm off

India Day 1: I’m off

This morning I am leaving, and making the long trip to India. There are 6 or 7 of us going, all depending on if Dan got over his bronchitis, which I sincerely hope he did, and will be going with us as planned. We’ll be traveling for a little over 24 hours straight with barely a few hours for layovers in various airports along the way.

Prayer is a funny thing. It’s amazing how it works, and at the same time seems like nothing significant at times and is so easy to gloss over, but let me just assure you that going to the Father on behalf of others matters and makes a difference! Case in point, a few days ago someone said that they’d ask God for some big donations for me in these last few days before I left, and you know what, I got them! I was amazed. I shouldn’t have been, but I was. God came through, right on time, and allowed me to not have to drain my bank account to make up the difference of what I owed still on the trip. Anyway, prayer matters, and I need yours, so I ask that you’d do that over these next few days for me and the team. I’ve scheduled some posts that will give you some guidelines as to what to pray for when, however in true India fashion, we don’t know exactly what we will be doing when, so I’m just going to schedule them, and trust that if I ask you to pray for the purity conference on Tuesday and the AIDS work on Thursday and those days get flipped, that God can take care of it! I’ll also make an attempt to blog some from India, but that will depend on internet availability and time availability, cause I’m gonna be loving on kids for the most part, so we’ll see.

The time difference between KS (CST) and India is 11.5 hours. India is all on one time zone, so they split the difference between the coasts, and that’s how they get that half hour difference. I’ll be scheduling the rest of these prayer updates in the evenings for you all here in the states, just know that we’ll be waking up and getting ready for a new day, and could use your prayers.

So for today, please pray for us as we travel, for schedules, and safety, and health, and as we make final preparations for speaking, and other activities we’ll be facilitating there.

Specifically for me and my health, I’ve had back/hip/knee issues lately, and have been doing really well, but sitting on an airplane for that long, may not be pretty. Also, I have sensitive skin, and the last time I went to India I got a nasty heat rash/sun poisoning on my arms that blistered up and felt like someone was stabbing needles in my skin – let’s pray that doesn’t happen again. It was well over 100 last time, as I went in August, so hopefully January’s 80’s will be a little more tolerable for my skin.