India Day 3: I'm here

India Day 3: I’m here

Ok, so I skipped Day 2, cause we were really still traveling for the most part, and it’s really the morning of the 7th for us, but you guys are still enjoying the 6th, so we’ll just call it day 3, and you guys can trust me on that, sound good?

We got to India late, late last night, and hopefully got some restful sleep. As you guys eat dinner and go about your evening activities, we’ll be waking up, and getting on another flight to Visak, and then a car/bus ride (who knows really, it will be an adventure either way – driving in India always is, maybe now is a good time to pray for safety :) ). The car/bus will take us to New Life Children’s home, and the kids will overwhelm us when we arrive, there will be flowers and hugs, and banners, and who knows – they get pretty excited for us. We’ll just be spending the day loving on those kiddos, and hopefully getting some more concrete plans of what’s going on when for the next few days.

Pray for me, as I’ll hopefully get to meet Raju for the first time. He’s the little boy I sponsor over there. I’m excited to see his face for real. Pray that we would connect with the kids, and be able to meet some of their needs for love and affection, and whatever else comes up that day. Also pray as we try to solidify plans for the time we are there, we’ll be doing a lot, and we want it to all be in God’s timing!