India Day 4: Pastor's Conference

India Day 4: Pastor’s Conference

Today, I’d ask that you’d pray for the pastor’s conference. In October, my brother, KC made a trip and lead a pastor’s conference, I think it went well. It was a strategy that he’s pretty passionate about, that enables churches to grow quickly with minimal resources, and is just right for this area, where resources are scarce. We’ll be following up with some of the pastor’s, see if they have been able to implement any of the strategies they were taught, and what additional help or clarification might be needed. I have no idea what my role will be in helping with this, but I’ll do whatever it is I’m asked to do.

Pray for the pastor’s, that we would get good news about how the church planting is going, and growing. Pray that they would continue to catch the vision that is being shared, and take it back to their own villages and communities. Pray that people would be coming into a relationship with Christ through these pastor’s efforts, and that the gospel would be spreading.