India Trip Details

India Trip Details

Ok, so you know I’m going to India, and you want to know more details.

The trip is January 5-14, 2010, which is in just two months. This trip is a little different than my previous trips, as a small group is going – there are only 6 of us, and I’ll have some more responsibility with some things than I’ve had previously. I will be traveling to the Andre Pradesh province, most recently known for the extreme flooding. On this trip, I’ll be:

  • Leading a purity conference for the girls at New Life Children’s home, and I hope to meet the little boy that I sponsor at New Life.
  • Assisting with some HIV+/AIDS program research as we seek to get something more formal established in that area.
  • Spending two days participating in outreach to a remote island village.

I also hope to be able to dedicate some water wells provided through Wells For Life, and interact with the people recieving that incredible gift, as well as have the opportunity to interact with some of the women in the microfinace loan program through Tas Philas, and do any necessary leg work that they are needing.

If you want to support the trip, check out the For India Photography site, and please pray for me. I’ll be posting more about the trip as it gets closer, and will have regular blog entries scheduled during the trip, so you’ll know specifically how to pray while I’m gone.

Thanks so much for the encouragement and support you’ve already given.