Most Googled Words and Resulting Blog Changes

Most Googled Words and Resulting Blog Changes

So, by far the words/phrases searched for the most often to get to this blog are about being single and 30.  Ever since I started writing more specifically about singleness back in September, my site traffic has gone up.

As a result, I’ve made 2 main changes to my blog:

  1. I’ve added some “singles” features.  There is a new page on being single, and I’m encouraging everyone to check it out, and if you are single to leave your information, so others who find themselves in the same boat can check you out, and realize that even though it feels like it sometimes, we aren’t alone in the world.  Others exist who experience the same things as we do.  I’ve also auto expanded my Life category on my sidebar so that the link to the “Dating & Singleness” subcategory is more prominent.
    I’ve also added two more feeds: one for the Dating & Singleness Catagory only, and one for the comments on the Being Single Page.
  2. I’ve added some hopefully undetected spam squashing features.  You shouldn’t notice them, but let me know if something seems different for you, or isn’t working.  I’m hoping this will do the trick, if not then I’ll add a captcha to my comment form.

Let me know what you think, and if there are any other things you think would be of value.  I’d love to create even more community here.

BTW, the 2nd most searched for phrase is “starbucks senseo” which links here, and 3rd is “decorating with aluminum foil” which links here or here.