My brother

My brother

My older brother KC has the concept of speaking the truth in love nailed down.  At least he does in regards to my life.  Some times it is terribly irritating, and I don’t want to admit that he’s right, I mean really how can he be right ALL THE TIME!?  It seems statistically impossible, he’d have to be wrong at some point, right?  Nobody is perfect.

Disclaimer: My brother does suffer from ‘Allen’ disease, aka ‘I’m always right’  So in an effort to not inflate his ego, let me clarify.  I’m not saying he’s a perfect person, or that he’s always right when doling out insight/advice to others, or even in making decisions in his own life, but in my life he seems to have the uncanny ability to always say what I need to hear, no matter how badly I would prefer to not hear it.

So you’d think I’d learn, and not go to him when I know he’s going to say something I don’t want to hear, but I haven’t.  And I haven’t because although sometimes I wish he would sugar-coat what he’s saying a little better (he rarely does) – he does always speak the truth in love, and he does always support me whether I listen to him or not.

He is always pushing me (and I do mean pushing sometimes) to be more like Christ, to think more like him, to act more like him, to love more like him.  Although it is intensely irritating to have to admit that he’s right so often, I am thankful that God has put him in my life, and that he loves me so intentionally.

Everyone should have someone in their life like this…  Who is yours?