My Small Group

My Small Group

I love my small group! It’s been great lately, not huge in number, but we’ve been having some awesome discussions. We’ve been going through a book called “Peeking into a Box of Chocolates”. It’s about temptation for women, and has instigated some great discussion.

My group is pretty diverse, but I love it. I come from a Baptist background. I have 3 women in the group that are originally from India, 1 comes from a Catholic background there, and another from a Pentecostal background. Another member of group is American, but comes from a Catholic background as well.

It’s awesome that we all have the same faith, and that we all can talk about our faith and relate to each other’s faith experiences coming from such different backgrounds.

They make me think about things in ways I haven’t before. For example, last night we started talking about the verse in the Bible that references eating food that has been offered to other gods. I think it’s in Corinthians somewhere. Anyway, to me, I’ve never been able to relate to that verse literally, but have always used it as an example in other areas. But, the 2 girls from India last night, were talking about how that’s a very real situation for them. It’s not uncommon, even here in the US for some of their other Indian friends who are not believers to offer them food that was prepared as an offering to some god.

I love how these women encourage and challenge me in my own relationship with God. If you are not a part of a small group of some sort, I highly recommending finding one.