Off to Phoenix!

Off to Phoenix!

Teeth drama has resolved itself. My last trip to the doctor was on Monday, and I am so glad that is over with. Still healing up a bit, but doing well, and pain free.

I’m off to Phoenix this afternoon to visit the fam. JJ and Erin headed down yesterday, and we are going to have a great time in the 90 degree weather.

We (by we I mean the girls – the boys will be watching football) are making a trip to IKEA tomorrow… I love that place!

We will also likely eat at my parents brunchery a lot. The running joke when we go to visit is betting on how many times we will eat there. I’m going to be there for 5 days, and I’m guessing we will make at least 4 trips, if not 5 to the brunchery. But it’s wonderful! I love it. They have the best biscuits EVER! Not to mention all of the other yummy stuff they have on the menu.

Should be fun!