Only God

Only God

Only God is good enough to use absolutely every circumstance to bring us closer to Him. Even this completely unfair, crappy situation with my car.

It’s so easy with car things for me to think if I had a man around, that would make the whole situation better. I mean there is not much else that will make a single girl feel so completely helpless than car problems. I know NOTHING about cars, or where to take them. I am utterly dependent on the men in my life for this, and am also completely aware that it isn’t anyone’s responsibility but my own to deal with. I am totally at the mercy of their willingness and availability to help, and at the same time trying to concoct a plan to deal with it myself if necessary.

This morning after just getting the news I left a message for my brother JJ – he is the most car savvy, mechanically inclined of all the men in my life. Then I tried to focus, and wait patiently for him to return my phone call, which was terribly difficult to do. Thoughts drifting to if only I had a man in my life… and if JJ isn’t able to help, then what? Somewhere in the midst of work and worry, a CA friend commented on my blog post, simply saying “Just remember, Krissie, He is enough”. I read it, and walked into the bathroom sometime after reading it, and as funny as this sounds (it’s even funnier if you’ve seen the bathroom where I work) I had a moment with God. It went something like this.

ME: (thinking to myself, not acutally talking out loud cause that would be embarassing) He’s enough… What does that mean in this situation? Is He enough?

God: Hi

ME: Oh, hi, yes you’re here, I guess I could be directing this at you instead of trying to figure it all out on my own…

(I then proceeded to tell God how I needed a man to deal with this situation for me)

God: I’m enough

Me: Umm, no seriously God, my car is up on a lift in a closed repair shop with all of the tires off of it lying on the floor. The hood is open and I don’t know what parts may or may not have been taken out of it, or where those parts may or may not be. I have no idea how much this is going to cost me now, but I’m pretty certain that no one is going to step in and own the additional expenses here.

God: I’m enough

Me: But you can’t fix my car, you can’t even get it down off of the lift

God: oh really?

Me: OK fine, you are capable

God: so then…

Me: You’re enough.

God: say it again

Me: You’re enough.

God: I know you don’t feel like it sometimes, but even this situation matters to me.

Me: Really? cause it seems so unimportant compared to so many other things, like those orphans in India that Michelle is with. I just assumed I’d have to take care of this one on my own.

God: I’m enough… I’m enough for orphans… I’m enough for cars in dissary on a lift in a closed repair shop.

Me: You’re enough.

(exit bathroom)

This afternoon my brother called back. He is going to meet me and the court appointed receiver at the repair shop tomorrow at 5. He is going to put the tires back on for me, and inspect my car for missing parts, then help me get it out of the repair shop, and across the street to another shop. My older brother also called and offered to take me to dinner. My coworker called the across the street repair shop for me to ask if they could make the repair. My close friend Melissa went to lunch with me, offered her husband to help if needed, and then sent me a nice ecard.

Yes God, you are enough… and if you could continue to be enough through the rest of this situation, I’d be grateful. Thanks.