So I’ve mentioned I work at a church, and as a result I occasionally get the “blessing” of working with some not so computer savvy people. Being a computer savvy person myself, this can be a little bit frustrating, and I just had to share my recent experience.

I often recieve emails from people that I haven’t met, as I process lyrics for songs. Now my email address at work is krissiea@ … You know first name last initial – not too complicated. Well this morning I recieved an email from someone who had been given my email address to submit lyrics to. I won’t mention any names, but I will say that this person is well known among children in the church realm – across the nation!

So here are the emails

Hi (I don’t know your name, or if you are a real human being or just a machine), I was given this email address to send the words to the worship songs we will be doing this Sunday.
Thank you for transferring them to whatever it is you transfer them to.
If you need this to be in a different format or any changes (O machine/person), please let me know asap…

My apologies, I need to make a song change…

Now I don’t know what about krissiea@ … gave this person the impression that they might be emailing a machine, I’m not sure. Or what makes them think that a machine could do my job, but I found it rather humerous and almost offensive, and had to share.