Someone New (and wonderful)

Someone New (and wonderful)

Travis: So I have a confession that is more about fact than implying anything
me: ok
Travis: One of the girls from my former neighborhood, that I grew up in, added me to FB the other day and sent me a message. It was funny because she was saying she couldn’t believe I wasn’t married and if I ever did want to propose that she would make me a great deal on a ring. . . . . she works at Tiffany’s in KC  lol
me: haha, that’s funny. For some reason the way you said you had a confession, I was expecting it to be more serious in nature so then really, it was just all that much more funny
Travis: It was ironic because where you live and I have always joked that I would buy a Tiffany’s engagement ring because I find them very classic and vintage and timeless
me: nice … so do you need to know my ring size? 😉
Travis: and expensive
me: yeah, I’d imagine
Travis: I am going to guess 5.5, maybe 6
me: nope, way smaller
Travis: 4.5
me: smaller
Travis: 4
me: smaller
Travis: no way
me: yes way, I told you I had small hands. 3.5-3.75
Travis: do you have carnie hands, lol
me: carnie hands?
Travis: you have never heard of a carnie
me: like a carnival freak? thanks
Travis: yes … lol … I am kidding … I am sorry
me: I know, you’re fine. F-I-N-E, fine. no need to apologize
Travis: 😉

Then on Tuesday, this IM conversation happened:

me: I have a confession – don’t read too much into this … I figured if you shared the ring story yesterday than I can share this. I’m looking at wedding invitations … lol
Travis: haha
me: one of my favorite stores is paper-source, and I get their emails regularly, and today it was all about their new line of wedding invitations, and I LOVE them! Just one of those things where the design is just right up my ally! Just thought it was funny
Travis: so serendipitous
me: totally 😉

And then, when I got home that night, this was our text message conversation:

me: Haha. Just got home & guess what I got in the mail today. The Paper-Source catalog with the wedding invitations on the cover
Travis: Well go ahead and pick one out then cause someone is obviously telling us something
Me: Haha
Travis: So not yet then
Me: If the perfect dress drops in my lap, then we’ll know
Travis: Do dresses fall from heaven? And what does a perfect dress look like?
Me: I don’t know, I imagine I’ll know when I see it. So does that mean you are going to secretively sign me up to start receiving bridal catalogs to help serendipity along?
Travis: I would never sign you up now…..cause I already did….wait, what did I say! Lol
Me: You are a lot of fun!
Travis: I hope you like modern bride magazine… So are you
Me: I’m sure I would. So am I what?
Me: Nevermind. You were telling me I’m fun. Got it. Blonde moment
Travis: You are a lot of fun Lol
Me: I’m glad you are laughing with me on that

Travis: Are you still looking at wedding invites
Me: Haha. Yes actually … I went through all my other mail, then opened the catalog (lots of other things in there too) and have been going through it page by page. Ironically I just got to the wedding invites page right before you sent that
Travis: Any favorites?
Me: Yes, very much so!
Travis: Just one or couple different ones
Me: One in particular, but a couple others too
Travis: Are you going to show me these amazing finds this weekend
Me: Sure! I can send you a link now if you want
Travis: Are you sure you want me to see them…..not too much pressure on me is it
Me: Are you feeling pressure?
Travis: not really
Me: I didn’t think so
Travis: Lol Do you feel pressured?
Me: No
Travis: Or overwhelmed?
Me: No
Me: It is a 2010 collection, so it will only be available for this year … Pressure yet?
Travis: How does your June look…..any open weekends…..we could get a bunch of friends and family together and have a party…..feel pressured?
Me: Nope. My lease is up in July so that works great! Pressured?
Travis: I told my parents what you just said ….mom is ready to start planning …..pressured?
Travis: Should I give her your phone number
Me: Absolutely!
Travis: Your pastor or mine (which could be one of 7)
Me: I was just going to call mine and see if him & the church are available
Me: Who knew planning a wedding was so easy!
Travis: For two old church workers it should be cake walk……
Me: Definitely! Is it bad that some of me is so amused by this interaction, that I kind of want to blog about it
Travis: That is funny …. I say blog away
Me: Isn’t that an awesome way to introduce you!

So meet Travis. He also has a blog, and an older blog which has some good stuff on it, even though he’s not using it any more. And really that interaction sums up a lot of things about how we interact, we have a lot of fun with each other. He’s easy to talk to, I don’t have to filter anything with him, oh and we actually haven’t met yet. Yes, he’s coming for the first time this weekend, and we can’t wait. He’s not too far, just a few hours drive. I’ll try to post a pic next week.