Spoiled Surprise

Spoiled Surprise

So…. I managed to really spoil my valentine’s surprise for Travis this year, and it’s too funny not to share.

I gave him one of those tied fleece blankets.

I can’t say that the tied fleece blanket is really my thing, but he had one that an old girlfriend had made for him that he really liked… but for obvious reasons no longer used. It was also baseball themed, but I of course wanted to kick it up a notch and make it better, so I went for the Red Sox fleece fabric on one side, and the new double side soft fuzzy fleece on the other in red.

I ordered the fabric online and waited for it to arrive. It came on Friday afternoon when Travis was home over lunch, and once he went back to work, I knew I had to take my opportunity to get it made before he got back home. Now any other day, I would have had 4 hours, but he gets off earlier on Fridays so I only had 2 1/2 hours to complete it.

It had occurred to me that there might be some lint involved, but I figured I could just clean up after myself, and he wouldn’t be the wiser that I had spent my afternoon making something for him. I moved the furniture around to make room in our living room, since I needed quite a bit of space. I spread the fabric out on the floor and began cutting the strips to tie. It didn’t take long to realize that the red fuzzy fabric was creating all kinds of lint when I cut it, I would have to vacuum… which might seem a bit weird since he himself had just vacuumed recently, and leave it to Travis to be super observant at the exact wrong times… never fail, it always happens. To sell the “I decided to vacuum” story, I knew I’d also need to do some other good cleaning of the downstairs. He IMed and asked what I was up to, I took my opportunity and IMed him back and told him I was cleaning… problem solved.

I kept cutting. I finished cutting and started tying the knots. The directions I read suggested to tie every other piece, and then flip it over and tie the rest, so that’s how I started. The tying of the knots however only produced more red lint. I was getting it all over me… more to clean and time was going quickly.

After making the first round of knots, my back was killing me, and I could not take working on the floor any longer, I had to move to our big chair to finish the job. I knew it would be more to clean, but my back just couldn’t take it, and I thought I was making decent time, and would have more than 30 minutes to clean up before Travis got home. So needless to say the chair and throw pillows got a lovely dusting of red lint too.

Finally I got the blanket done, and stashed it away. Then I started trying to clean up. I figured I’d clean myself first with a lint roller. I started rolling, and went through A LOT of sticky sheets…. I just kept finding more and more lint and kept rolling, it was even in my hair. I finally decided to move on to something else, and gave up on getting myself clean. I’d have to come up with a reason why I changed clothes, because once again, Travis would of course be observant at the wrong time and noticed I’d changed. I created a “I spilled my soda on myself” story in my mind, and started on the chair. That was going smoothly, but I was still going through A LOT of the sticky sheets, and then I realized that I could use the vacuum on the chair, so I moved to the vacuum… I was starting to get nervous that I wasn’t going to get done in time….

I clicked on the vacuum, and started working on the floor first, but by this time, I was in a hurry, and I was only vacuuming the specific areas that were covered, and here’s where I went wrong. I did not pick up the random things that were laying around first, such as my socks, and sure enough I managed to get too close and suck one up into the vacuum. It got stuck, and in trying to get it unstuck, or maybe even just the initial shock of a sock in the vacuum… the belt broke.

I had hardly started vacuuming, there was still a giant rectangle shape of red lint all over the carpet, I was still mostly covered, and so was the chair. It was a this point that I knew I had been beat by the red lint. There wasn’t much I could do about it now without a working vacuum, he would know I had been making something, and by the rectangle on the carpet, he’d have a pretty good idea of what that was. I so wish I had pictures of it. We (ok so it was Travis) have since replaced the belt and cleaned up the rest of the lint, although I kid you not, I just noticed some on a picture on the wall… that stuff was everywhere.

The good news is that we still had a good valentine’s day. (we celebrated yesterday)