The Loot

The Loot

Christmas was great!

One of the best things about it was being able to spend so much time at my mom’s house, and not be overcome with cat allergies.  Now I still had some issues, but it was so much better than it usually is.  Thanks mom, for making the effort to de-cat hair your house for me.  It worked!

So here is what I got:

  • A paper-source desk calendar
  • Money (cause that’s what my dad always gets me): with it I bought, a new purse, a paper-source wall calendar, a new shower curtain liner, and shower curtain hooks, a wall shelf for my bedroom.  The rest of the money, I put in the bank – yeah me!
  • A nice string of pearls.  My step-mom got them for me on one of her trips to China this past year – China has great pearls, and they are much less expensive over there.  I don’t know if they were technically a Christmas present, or a just because present, as they gave them to me in the car on the way to dinner, and not when we were unwrapping presents.  But I like them just the same.
  • Some Bath and Body Works Oil to Cream Body Wash
  • Nice Knives – a pairing knife and a bread knife
  • Atlas Shrugged, by Ayn Rand – my mom got a copy for everybody, she’s a little over excited about the book – which is typical of my mother (love you, mom!).  I don’t know that I’ll ever read it, but who knows.
  • A purse sized calendar, that my mom put together for me.  I’m excited to start using it on Jan. 1.  Gonna be tracking my spending in it mostly.  I had been wanting one, and my SIL actually got a paper-source one for me – which I returned for the desk calendar once I opened my mom’s version.
  • A paper/card making supply rolling organizer.  This is one of those presents that I didn’t ask for, but my mom thought to get me anyway.  My mom usually does pretty good at picking a specific gift for me, even when I haven’t asked for it.  It’s usually something, I’ll really enjoy, just hadn’t thought of it myself.  

I think that’s it, but I may have missed something.  Mostly, I just enjoyed spending time with my family, both at my mom’s house, and the weekend before Christmas when my dad and Lynn were here.  I really enjoy spending time with my family, cooking, going to dinner, playing games, and just hearing stories of what’s going on with each other.

One funny thing – even though I listed off several things that I got, I actually didn’t open very much.  Apparently my mom was sorting everyones presents into boxes by person receiving them.  Instead of a box, she just put all of my gifts in my organizer.  My step-dad started helping with the wrapping, and after awhile asked her where the rest of my gifts were.  She explained that she’d put them in the organizer, which come to find out, he’d already wrapped, so I just opened one thing, with everything else in it.

I hope your Christmas was glorious!