The concept of waiting has been popping up a lot for me lately, and the Christmas season reinforces it all the more.  Both commercially and spiritually.

I think there is something here that God doesn’t want us to miss.  There is something significant about waiting.  It certainly comes up in the Bible.  The Israelites waited 40 years to enter the promised land.  Jacob waited seven years to marry Rachel.  There are numerous Psalms about waiting, the list goes on.  More significantly, God’s people waited centuries for a promised Messiah, and now as Christians we wait for Christ’s return.

One thing about waiting, is that you really can’t wait without hope.  So the real challenge becomes, what are we putting our hope in?  It is very easy to want to put our hope in something tangible and earthly, it’s also easy to focus on the end result, and not what God wants to do in us while we are waiting.  The great thing about God is that while He certainly always has His ultimate glory in mind, He also in a very personal way understands our needs, and wants to meet them.

We just have to trust His timing.  Although there are moments along the journey when His timing doesn’t line up for me and the way I see it, it always ends up perfectly.

I recently finished a Bible study with my small group, and was searching personally for something else to do next.  I had wanted to find something that focused on Christmas, but didn’t know exactly where to look, and as there wasn’t a whole lot of time before Christmas, I didn’t want it to be too long.  I finally scrapped the Christmas idea and decided to order Beth Moore’s Jesus: 90 Days with the One and Only.  I started it on December 20th…  In God’s really cool way, it happened to start with Christ’s birth…  So I’ve been diving into Christmas themes after all.  When I finished up this morning, I was so excited, that I just had to take a sneak peak at what I was going to be studying tomorrow.  It’s centered around God’s purpose in the Christmas story, and the first question is “What has God shown you in your own life about His timing?… His perfect timing?”  I’m just in awe of how God has timed my starting of this study, and how much more thrilling that I’m going to be unpacking the concept of His perfect timing tomorrow.  I can hardly wait for morning, so I can do tomorrow’s study!

That’s just one simple way, that God is reminding me of His perfect timing.  I think He knows that I needed a little encouragement to trust his timing in other things.  Isn’t God good!

I hope that if you are in a season of waiting, that you will be encouraged as well this Christmas.  I also hope that you have people to be spending the next few days with!